Purchase the “Yahoo Access Analysis Master Guide” and win a gift!

If you order the book “Yahoo access analysis master guide”, written by web analysis master Hajime Emoto, Kenichi Hiraoka and Hironori Okamoto, on Amazon on 3rd Sep between 9:00 to 23:00, you can win a gift! ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Prize A: Analysist report creation for 1 person
Prize B: Free 60 minute web consultation on Skype for 3 people
Prize Emoto 01: Invitation to the seminar in Shinshu Matsumoto (Oct at this stage) for 5 people
Prize Emoto 02: Invitation to lunch in Tokyo (Oct at this stage) for 3 people
Special Prize: Tickets to the Matsumoto J2 Pro soccer game (two tickets + scarf)1 set for 2 people
(Please note, both the cost of transport for Emoto prize and the special prize will be at personal expense.)


See below for details of the gift and application.