Success Story

An advertising company incorporating our course into their training program

The Problem

In the advertising industry, clients often look for assistance with web promotions and in particular, how to create websites that improve customer leads, drive conversions, and reduce friction. However, whenever a client consulted the agency with these web-related issues, the agency would often depend on external marketing personnel for guidance due to a lack of knowledge and skill to fully analyze the data. The representatives of this agency were unable to consult the clients on web-related issues on their own and felt that this barrier strongly hindered their ability to gain the trust of clients. It was clear that the agency needed to learn the necessary skills and knowledge as soon as possible but they didn’t know where to start.

The Solution

After incorporating WACA’s web analytics consultant courses into their training program, the agency was able to systematically raise the overall understanding and skill level of their staff. By utilizing the structure of WACA’s courses, representatives were soon able to confidently and effectively consult the clients and gain their trust.

With the new skills and knowledge gained from the analytics courses, the representatives became more convincing as a result. Not only did it help the communication process with the clients go smoother, it also made communicating to 3rd party analytics professionals easier and more productive.

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