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Announcement of New Curriculum

The new edition of Associate Web Analytics Consultants Textbook is going to be published in March 2015!

Associate Web Analytics Consultants Textbook: Sixth Edition

Chapter 1. What is Web Analytics?
Chapter 2. Business Analysis
Chapter 3. KPI and planning
Chapter 4. Web analytics design
Chapter 5. Grasping the overall trend
Chapter 6. Traffic analysis
Chapter 7. Contents analysis
Chapter 8. Industry Codes of Ethics and Trends in Asian Countries
240 pages
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This is the sole official textbook addressing Associate Web Analytics Consultants Qualification Course. This textbook provides basic knowledges of web marketing and web analytics including terms and definitions, information available through access analysis, analysis methods, calculation methods, as well as how to find and resolve issues through web analytics without depending upon particular tools.

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What was revised in Sixth Edition

  • Explanations on KPI and planning, 3C analysis and trend in Asia are added.
  • Terminology and exercises were further enriched.
  • Structure of the chapters are revised.