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WACA web analytics course

Are you seeking a new direction? You have a great business idea but you aren't getting enough traffic or enough conversions? Seeking a career change and want to get into the field of Digital Marketing?

For a limited time we are offering our most popular instructor led class - Web Analytics for Digital Marketing for only US$40 (Normal Price US$200). This class has benefited more than 18,000+ consultants in Japan. WACA is the forerunner of web analytics training in Japan. In the APAC region we have conducted training at SMU University and HELP University.

Tsuruki Yasushi - NTT Resonant Inc

There was a service where core members in consulting roles implemented A/B testing and together with the Senior Web Analyst's consulting methods, greatly improved results of the pages. The service conversion rate was improved by more than 10% as a result. The bounce rate of the landing page was also reduced by many percentage points because of optimisation.

President Yokozawa - Shikoku Pasocon System Co. , Ltd.

Since receiving the certification about three years ago, our revenue has increased 1.5 times, and we are experiencing continued growth.

Mr Mitsuga - Custom Home Building Business

I feel that in the area of custom homes, the smaller the company, the larger the impact the Web Analyst qualification makes. After obtaining the qualification, and after implementing our strategy based on data analytics within the department, the number of our clients has increased sixfold, and our revenue has increased too.


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What You'll Learn In 1 Day:

  1. What is Web Analytics?-The role of the web in today’s society and the significance of Web Analytics
  2. Business Analysis- Analyze businesses by utilizing proven frameworks
  3. KPI and Planning – How to set intermediate targets that leads to the achievement of final goals
  4. Designing a blueprint for Web Analysis – Tools and techniques necessary for web analysis and how to report analysis results
  5. Analyzing Trends – How to grasp overall trends from key indicators such as users, page views, sessions, session duration and conversions
  6. Analyzing Referrers- How to analyze each type of referrer including paid media which is becoming increasingly important
  7. Content Analysis – Reducing Bounce rate and exit rate, reasons why users leave the a site, and how to improve a particular page or site
  8. Proposals and Reports-Creating easy to understand proposals and reports.


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