Senior Web Analytics Consultant (SWAC)


Web Analytics Certification Program

Simply extracting and analyzing data is only one part of the equation. The second part requires business acumen and being able to drive business results using different tools and frameworks. You have the power to influence businesses of all sizes the more you read data correctly.

In WACA’s Senior Web Analytics Certification program, you’ll learn how to go beyond your professional level as you understand you processes better and become more effective as a data analysis consultant.

Skills, techniques, and tools taught by industry professionals

With instructors in lead roles as Web Analytic Professionals, the Web Analytics Consultants Association is always current with the latest trends, skills, techniques, and tools in the industry. Our Instructors don’t just read the textbooks; they apply the theories and lessons presented to actual business situations.


Always stay up to date

The nature of the web marketing industry changes rapidly but rest assured, our expertise will be:

  • Updated in the training materials regularly
  • Presented in seminars and courses
  • Taught to students in seminars

Start improving businesses through data-driven marketing, today.

Who should join?

This program is suited for those who want to:

  • Become a web director / webmaster / web consultant
  • Systematically learn how to use web analytics to achieve business results
  • Start your own business as a Senior Web Analytics Consultant
  • Propose strategies to corporate executives or customers as a web master
Why should you join?

Seminar participants will:

  • Acquire a certification upon passing the test that recognizes you as a Senior Web Analytics Consultant
  • Be able to identify issues and propose actionable plans to improve them through web analytics across all platforms and medias. There will be case studies and real business problems throughout the course to train participants.
  • Register your name on a nominal list of Senior Web Analytics Consultants on the WACA website, and conduct your business activities as a consultant or a lecturer. The list will also give you exposure to our list of clients and customers from which you can take offers from.
  • Be qualified to proceed to the Web Analytics Consultant Master course which is a certification allowing you to become a web analytics instructor
What is our curriculum?

Additional preparations prior to the seminar:

  • Watch a 6-hour video lecture
  • Preparations necessary to create proposals using frameworks

In-depth study on frameworks:

  • Learn to propose practical solutions based on persona (target users) prepared by yourself
  • Develop ability to make further proposals beyond web analytics using various frameworks for marketing and business

More practice-centered seminar:

  • Workshop-style seminar to exchange opinions with lecturer and other participants
  • Formulating measures and making plans based on data obtained through hands-on training in using Google Analytics, webmaster tools, and keyword planners
After-seminar Assignments

Web Analytics Report:

  • You need to submit a report on your own using Google Analytics.
  • It is a part of the certification assessment.
  • We will not be going over Google Analytics during the seminar. You have to study it by yourself if you have no experience in using Google Analytics.

Certification Exam:

  • You need to take the Senior Web Analytics Consultant exam which takes place in the last hour of the second day.
  • You can bring and refer to the Web Analytics Consultants official text during the exam.
Criteria for Pass-fail

Acceptance criteria is judged by the following assignments:

  • Writing Exam
  • Web Marketing Report (submitted at the second day of the Senior Web Analytics Consultant course)
  • Web Analytics Report (submitted within two weeks after the second day of the course)
Those who has already obtained the “Associate Web Analytics Consultant” certification
Registration Fee

Regular seminar price: S$1120

*including two-day seminars (S$490), a certification exam/fee(S$434), and textbook(S$196)