Our First Web Analytics Seminar in Thailand

Our first Web Analytics Training session in Thailand occurred in Bangkok on January 21st. It was held at the coworking space Think Society on the outskirts of the city.

Web Analytics seminar Bangkok

At this session we had a high number of online entrepreneurs attend. They were seeking new techniques to help them increase their conversions.
Web Analytics seminar Bangkok

Again, some of the material that confused attendees included the concept of a session and portions dealing with calculations. The primary confusion with sessions was related to when a session starts and when a session ends. Keep in mind, that when a user logs into a website, a new session starts and when the same user logs out of the same website, the session ends. We teach you calculations to determine how much money to spend to meet a goal and how to also determine how much extra traffic you will get if some variable is changed. Example: how much extra money needs to be to be spent on ads to meet a new sales goal.

We also covered some real world business cases to bring some practicality to the subject matter. For example, we covered a case involving a recycling and garbage disposal company: the company managed to increase sales by 40 fold in 10 months. We went through different techniques used by the company to achieve this goal.

Stuck and do not know your next course of action when it comes to your online business. Consider attending our seminar: we attempt to keep things practical and the price point is low.