Why Choose Our Web Analytics Consultant Certification Course

The “Web Analytic Consultant Certification Course” was created in 2010 as part of an ongoing commitment to raise the overall level of digital marketing expertise in the industry. The certification course is designed to turn individuals into in-house consultants or independent web marketing professionals. We are widely supported by advertising agencies and online businesses which are increasingly incorporating our courses into their training programs.

Growth Against All Odds

Our “Web Analytics Consultant Certification Course” has been growing steadily (see graph below) while the market for corporate training programs has only grown 2-4% in the last 3 years according to the Yano Economic Research Institute. Leading corporations that have incorporated our program into their training courses have recommended our program for its practicality and result-driven focus.

Accumulated number of students (at the end of each month)


High Satisfaction Rates From Students


Most training programs are impractical in actual business environments and participants finish with only partial competency levels. Our “Web Analytics Consultant Certification Course” is designed with practicality and results in mind. Instructors and textbook are continuously improved to ensure our courses are up to date and effective.

Courses Designed To Keep Students Engaged and Motivated

Our courses are designed to keep the students engaged and motivated. We give students constant feed-back by providing evaluations at every check-point so they can see their progress every step of the way. In addition, our courses combine traditional online courses with little to no interactions with group work that will stimulate conversations between students and allow them to learn through each other.

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Course Textbooks Included

Our courses include textbooks that contain everything you need for future web marketing. The books are a useful supplement to the courses as you take them and a handy tool to have as you apply the skills to your work. The textbooks also include a number of sample questions and discuss the trends of the web marketing industry.


Latest Skills, Techniques, and Tools Taught By Industry Professionals

With more than 100 instructors in lead roles as web analytic professionals, the Web Analytics Consultants Association is always current with the latest trends, skills, techniques, and tools in the web marketing industry. Our instructors don’t just read the textbooks; they apply the theories and lessons presented to actual business situations.

The nature of the web marketing industry changes rapidly but rest assured, our expertise will be:

  • Updated in the textbook yearly
  • Presented in seminars and courses
  • And taught to students in seminars

Organizations Using our Courses in Their Training Programs

We have been accepting a large number of employees and participants from the following organizations, amongst others. Contact us today to incorporate our course into your training program today.

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