Associate Web Analytics Consultant (AWAC)


Web Analytics Certification Program

For a short time we are offering this course for 40 U.S. dollars. Register now before we revert to our original price of 260 U.S. dollars.

WACA has taught Digital Marketing to more than 10000 students and corporate clients such as Hakuhodo, NTT Resonant and Softbank Technology.

In WACA’s Associate Web Analytics Certification program, you’ll learn to master digital marketing techniques to improve businesses, not just websites, through data-driven marketing.

Skills, techniques, and tools taught by industry professionals

Our instructors are in lead roles as Web Analytic Professionals. The Web Analytics Consultants Association stays up to date with the latest trends, skills, techniques, and tools in the industry. The course content contains practical business cases and the course is taught as a seminar.


Always up to date

The nature of the web marketing industry changes rapidly but we stay updated with latest trends:

  • Our Textbook is updated on a yearly basis
  • Practical case studies are presented from the real world and we keep updating course content continuously


Start improving businesses through data-driven marketing today.

Voices from participants

The session was useful with great amount of information. Definitely useful for future development of my start-up. (February 9th, 2015 at SMU)

(February 9th, 2015 at SMU)

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For who is this course?

This program is suited for those who want to:

  • Acquire more traffic and more conversions to their business
  • Pursue a new career in Digital Marketing
  • Start their own business
  • Have a standard marketing framework that can be reused in different scenarios
  • Understand consumer behavior, primarily the consumer user journey
  • Widen their knowledge beyond a standard sales career
Why should you take this course?

Seminar participants will:

  • Be able to optimize business results for both offline and online businesses
  • Be able to understand the purchasing behavior of their customers
  • Be able to look at a business from three perspectives: Business Analysis, Customer Behavior, Online Traffic
  • Acquire certification that recognizes you as an Associate Web Analytics Consultant
What is our curriculum?

Our certification program includes the official textbook for the Associate Web Analytics Consultant course. The textbook covers the following topics:

What is Web Analytics?
The role of the web in today’s society and the significance of Web Analytics
Business Analysis
Analyze businesses by utilizing proven frameworks
KPI and Planning
How to set intermediate targets that leads to the achievement of the final goal
Designing a blueprint for Web Analysis
Tools and techniques necessary for web analysis and how to report analysis results
Analyzing Trends
How to grasp overall trends from key indicators such as users, page views, sessions, session duration and conversions
Analyzing Referrers
How to analyze each type of referrer including paid media which is becoming increasingly important
Content Analysis
Reducing Bounce rate and exit rate, reasons why users leave the a site, and how to improve a particular page or site
Proposals and Reports
Creating easy to understand proposals and reports.
Registration Fee

Seminar promotional price: US$40

*including one-day seminar (US$40)
The certification exam/fee(US$140-OPTIONAL) and textbook(US$60-OPTIONAL) are optional

This is a one day course: 9AM – 5:30PM on February 18th .