Web Analytics Consultant’s Code of Conduct

Getting certified as the web analytics consultant itself does not mean anything.
A web analytics consultant can demonstrate the meaning of his or her existence by acting in accordance with the following code of conduct.
Getting certified is just a starting point.
A web analytics consultant shall create a cycle where:
Consumer (user) enjoys good products and services,
Corporations make profits, and
The web analytics consultant receives more orders.{j}
We believe this cycle will activate industries and ensure happy living.

  • 1. Bring business results and promote industries
    The role of the web analytics consultant is not “to improve web sites,” but
    “to contribute to business success via web analytics.”
    Deepen a relationship with each client so that you can share both success and failure with them and be glad of mutual growth.
    The web analytics consultant may do the job for free in order to accumulate experiences, however shall do it as a business in principle.
    As a professional of web analytics, he or she shall contribute to the society.
  • 2. Stick to the “customer-first principle” and act accordingly
    The web analytics consultant shall propose a way to convert voices from the users into business activities.
    While the web analytics consultant is paid by the client, he or she should communicate voices from the users to the client with confidence.
    And, make a hypothesis based on these voices and act on it.
    Web analytics without any action has no value.
  • 3. Confront every data sincerely
    The web analytics consultant shall transform an organization according to analyzed data so that the users and client can establish a happy relationship with each other.
    We believe that this will direct society in a good direction.
    Therefore, the web analytics consultant should analyze data, in addition to access logs and data given by web marketing tools, which are not directly related to websites.
  • 4. Participate in both business and education to give an opportunity to everyone
    The web analytics consultant shall provide everyone with an environment to learn, teach, perform analysis, or be analyzed.
    Ensuring reality in business and conforming to a policy in education lead to useful results and talent fostering.
    Rotating both wheels of business and education is an important sense of values for the web analytics consultant.
  • 5. Protect the customer data while sharing business experiences
    The web analytics consultant handles confidential data so he or she should manage it according to a contract or data management scheme in order to ensure that the users and clients are risk-free.
    On the other hand, the web analytics consultant should actively share experiences with other consultants.
    Through active sharing, every web analytics consultant can improve analysis quality.

Various data of the users and clients will be visualized in the future.
The web analytics consultant should learn the up-to-date technology and methodology to make use of every type of data.
But, do not forget that the mission of the web analytics consultant is to bring business results to the clients.

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