“Web Analytics” of WACA

This is Takashi (Web Analytics Master/WACA Lecturer).

Today I would like to write about the meaning of “web analytics”.
But before that, how do you define marketing?

Marketing is all the activities that maximize business value. In short, if marketing activities do not lead the success of your business goals, it is not marketing.

This is how WACA sees marketing. WACA focuses on growing Web Analytics professionals who change and improve workflow and strategy. With websites, you will get data which is the customer voice. Usually, research costs lots of money and time but web analytics gives you data with much lower costs.

We change your business style. We teach you how to act based on data. Data itself does not do anything for your business. We must act and test the hypothesis you built from web analytics.

PDCA cycle is crucial in business improvement with web analytics.

  • P(Plan): Set up hypothesis based on data
  • D(Do): Actually test your hypothesis in real situations
  • C(Check): Check if your hypothesis is correct or not
  • A(Act): Improve your business

You repeat PDCA cycle till you achieve business goal.

We couldn’t find any similar program that teaches you how to accomplish business goals with web analytics.
We thought it was a big problem and so, we started offering the web analytics training course. More than 10,000 people have taken our courses in Japan and it is clear that we are not alone in thinking this way.

With our WACA program, you can learn how to achieve business goals for your company and your career.