What is Web Analytics Consultant?

Web Analytics Consultant is a title as well as a training program designed to raise the overall level of the web marketing industry. Over the years, WACA has observed a shortage of talented people with business skills and knowledge of data analysis. Yet, merely having knowledge and access to data is not enough to grow a business. Companies and web marketing professionals need to be able to:

● Set up key performance indicators (KPI’s)
● Observe and analyze data
● Turn data into insight and insight into an action plan to achieve business goals
● And to execute and facilitate the plan


Why Web Analytics?

In today’s business environment, web marketing expertise is necessary in order to operate a website. Websites can no longer stick to conventional “stylish” portals designed by intuition. To produce a website that brings in actual results, a person with web analytics skills is absolutely necessary in order to set up, process, and analyze data.

WACA Certified Web Analytics Consultant

Web Analytics Consultant
Learn the following basic web marketing and web analytics skills and utilize them to perform tasks such as sales, production, development, and improve business efficiency.

  • Understanding of web marketing and web analytic terminology and their functions
  • Recognition, analysis, and calculation methods for information available from data
  • Finding issues and proposing improvement plans through web analytics (translating data into business results)
Senior Web Analytics Consultant
Learn the following web marketing and web analytic skills and be able to explain and tell a story with data to persuade clients with proposals.

  • Definition of KPI (*) and design/creation of web marketing plans for various business purposes
  • Theory of time-series analysis, reference values of web analytics, and business design (driving business profitability through business efficiency)
  • Critical view and critique analysis results by extracting issues and making improvements that lead to business results

* Key Performance Indicators: Calculation reference values used in defining levels of achievement

Web Analytics Master
A comprehensive knowledge of the techniques and methodologies concerning web marketing and web analytics and become able to:

  • Open original courses as an instructor for Associate and Senior Web Analytics Certification courses for educational institutions (universities and colleges) as well as corporations
  • Hold seminar to attract students