5 Steps for Successful AdWords Campaign

Hello, This is Takashi who cannot wait for Star Wars’ another “legend” 😛

By the way, are you still thinking you can succeed with learning standardized SEO or AdWords campaign?
Are you still believing people who are teaching you “Do” and “Don’t” for AdWords are trustworthy?
Sorry, totally impossible to succeed with these ideas on your AdWords campaign.
Don’t rely on others to choose keywords and deploy digital campaigns without these 5 steps.

1. Define Your Target

Who is your business target? What are their needs?
If you cannot answer them, your AdWords campaign easily fail.
First of all, remember or gather customer opinions to your services and write down and summarize.


2. Write Down Keywords Your Target Likely to Search with7369433_s

From customer needs, write down search keywords they likely to search when they search your service.
Don’t need to use any tools but think if you were your target customer. With which keywords, with what needs, do you search for your service?


3. Categorize the keywords based on each purpose

Categorize the keywords base on each purpose. You will see keywords include intention of your target, which means you need to answer the questions by AdWords and landing pages.

4. Check Search Volume by Keyword Planner

Check the search keyword volume you categorized with Keyword Planner.
If keywords you typed was not having enough search volume, find alternative keywords with the same intentions.
*To find keywords with high volume is key for successful AdWords campaigns.


5. Check Rivals’ Ads in Order to Find Compete

Search with the keywords you are targeting on Google. Check the Ads showed there. Find the needs your competitors are meeting with their campaigns and are NOT meeting. Think about keywords and phrases which attract your targets. If you can find needs your competitors did not find, you will win.ads

Case Study

catSingapore Cat Cafe(Imaginary cafe) is starting AdWords campaign to attract more customers. In Singapore Cat Cafe, there are various kind of cats in the cafe and play with customers.
Before starting campaign, the staffs gathered customer voices.

“Pricing is a little bit high but since instructions for beginners are plenty I could enjoy playing with cats even it was my first time.”,  “The cats at Singapore Cat Cafe is a little bit unfriendly and ugly but it makes me to come back here again to become better friends.”, “I like their ugly faces of cats.”

From these needs, they thought about likely search keywords by target users.
“cat cafe for beginners”, “cat cafe beginners”, “cafe animal beginners”, “cat cafe ugly”

They checked search volume of main search phrase in Singapore with Keyword Planner.
“cat cafe (15,000/month)”, “ugly cat (3400/month)”, “cat cafe beginners(240/month)”

To check competitors, they actually searched with these words on Google. Then, noticed only one cat cafe is doing AdWords campaign in Singapore. They decided to add keywords like “ugly cats” and “cat cafe for beginners” for their AdWords ads because these keywords are different but stronger points for customers according to their customer voice. Singapore Cat Cafe succeeded in their AdWords campaign by meeting customer needs and competing their customers. Find proper keywords and deploy effective campaign like cat cafe for our business like Singapore Cat Cafe.